Today’s Progress 4/08/15

Started the day facing the music about the things that have been bugging me about “My Diagnosis”… which in included scrapping two canvases (dandelion and hawkweed) and just plain starting over. Wasn’t fun, but made me feel like a big girl.


Then, moved on to transferring “What You’ve Got”. What a difference workable fixative makes on a graphite transfer! Holy moly! Clean, beautiful and sharp. The familiar smell of solvent and bananas brought back memories of all those days on East Philly. Then began the painting process with some very subtle mixes I made with my new Flashe paint, vinyl waterbased paint (available at Dick Blick). Thank you, Joan, for suggesting these paints for matteness and flatness! They are intense, opaque and go on like velvet! Even in my ruling pen (you youngins wouldn’t know what that is ; ) I am in love with this paint. The pics don’t do justice. Just wait until you see it fo shiz.

IMG_8361 IMG_8364 IMG_8365


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