Yesterday’s Progress 3/28/15

A wordmark created for one of my favorite spots in the world, under the good influence of Ken Barber. Thank you, Sensei! I think some stickers and/or buttons of this need to happen If you’d like one, message me!

Note: The third image is an unedited trace using Adobe Shape. It has some weird bloating where some strokes intersect and the terminals of some fine strokes are unnaturally pointed. A couple hours of Illustrator work is needed on this one. Shape is an iPhone app that is like autotrace on steroids. Makes pretty decent traces of pix you take on your iPhone (under ideal conditions), and then adds them to your Creative Cloud libraries… accessible in all the CC apps. But they still need a boatload of editing. There is no free lunch! Maybe an hors d’oeuvre or two. The second image has all the juice.




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