Mad Love for the the Type II Gang

Had a blast the past two days FaceTiming with Troy Patterson’s two sections of Typography II from The Lettering Office HQ at Marketview Arts. They are embarking on a hand lettered collective zine and I showed them some things I am working on, the backstories and the process, in the hopes that it may inspire their endeavors. They may not be doing the same kinds of things I am, but the basics are the same… Draw, draw and draw again… experiment with different tools, how they feel in your hand and your body and what kinds of marks they make… Design what it is you’re making with the forms that you like and that work and refine until it’s perfect… then execute with final inking, scanning and building. The most important thing of all about hand lettered work is, you get to be expressive, but you also need to handle it like a person that knows how to use type well… and this gang does! I can hardly wait to see what they make. I don’t miss being in class by 8am, but I do miss these peeps. And they got to see a middle-aged college prof get samurai with a T square too ; )



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